Our pick of the top hotel trends for the year ahead

Hospitalitynet.com – To give you a head start on the year ahead, we round up our top picks of trends within the hospitality industry to expect in 2018



Every year, the hotel industry gets bigger and bolder. Trying to stay ahead of the curve can be daunting, especially with new technologies and facets of the hotel experience, not to mention challengers and competitors, rising up all the time. To give you a head start on the year ahead, we round up our top picks of trends within the hospitality industry to expect in 2018.

Longer stays will become more common

As travelers become more and more a part of the global community, they will be spending more time in their desired destination. This is where platforms like Airbnb and aparthotels really have the corner of the market, but by incorporating longer-term lodgings into their properties, hotels too can begin to compete in this area. Digital nomads and millennials are some of the driving forces behind this trend, and apartment-style guest rooms, lofts and conversions of existing buildings all provide opportunities for hotels to reinvent themselves as extended stay accommodation.

Grab and go food will challenge hotel restaurants

The hotel restaurant is often a signature area in luxury hotels, with many big names trying to attract star chefs to draw in the public and patrons alike. But another trend that has been appearing in hotels that are catering to the fast-paced lifestyle of the modern traveler is the grab-and-go food concept. Similar to casual eateries or even food kiosks or food trucks, grab-and-go offers food on the move and is expected to be seen in more hotels in the coming year.


Common areas will be more spacious and more important

As traveling continues to include a more social element, emphasis will be put on social, common and co-working areas within hotels. This will also probably have a knock-on effect of creation of micro rooms, which will encourage guests to spend less time in the hotel room and more time in the common areas socialising with other travelers, whether it be for business or pleasure.

Expect local community to play a bigger role

We have already seen a push on the part of the guest for increased local experiences, something which Airbnb has created a demand for. In 2018, it is likely that hotels will begin to focus even more on local experiences and communities, and to try and offer guests a slice of the destination the hotel is set in that allows them to spend time there like a native inhabitant would.

Hotels will draw more on the creative community

In the age of Instagram, it is more important than ever for your hotel to be photo and social media friendly. An easy way to do this that supports local creatives is to furnish your hotel with artwork and design items such as lighting and furniture by local designers. Many big name hotels such as Faena have full scale galleries built-in or attached to them, but if you don’t have the scope to do this, then reaching out to local artists, designers and photographers can connect you and your hotel to the creative community.