HSC – The Hospitality Solutions Company is the leading supplier of trained staff into the 5 star hospitality industry in Gauteng. With a firm belief in the benefits of continual training, HSC was formed in 2004 to address the growing need for a differentiated service provider.



Outsourcing within the Hospitality arena has its own set of challenges and the decision to outsource is often taken without due consideration of the effect this may have on an operations’ much lauded service levels. Outsourcing your staff within the service driven hospitality arena often means the outsourcing of your reputation, as it is often the employees themselves who construct or shatter exactly that.

HSC sees ongoing training as a non negotiable and staff undergo both pre-assignment training as well as regular on-site training where specific client needs and expectations are addressed. Through partnering with accredited trainers, each of which specialise in specific aspects of the industry, HSC is able to ensure that standards are maintained and enforced and also that staff are given the opportunity to learn and progress. All training is NQ accredited and staff are taught meaningful career skills whilst also being given the opportunity to work towards achieving a National Qualification. This also assists with retention of qualified, skilled staff.

HSC principally deals in long term outsourcing contracts within the hospitality industry. Through offering a flexible trained workforce and dealing with all related staffing issues, the client is able to maximize profits through focusing on core competencies.
HSC is an association of industry professionals from both the hospitality and labour outsourcing arenas, with a concrete value offering based on flexibility and customisation whilst always ensuring a strong emphasis on training and up-skilling.