PMR Hospitality welcomes strategic new partner

Business Report – PMR Hospitality Partners, an award-winning hotel development and project management company announced Graham Wood as a strategic new partner.

Wood, a former Hotel CEO and advisor to the African Hotel Industry joins a team with Tony Romer-Lee, Michael Pownall and Euan McGlashan as PMR Hospitality’s 4th partner.

His extensive knowledge and experience as a former Hotel CEO for over 21 years are fundamental to his current role.

The PMR group believes that Wood is a passionate professional who possesses a unique blend of sound commercial acumen and proven strong leadership skills.

In 2003, he managed an entire portfolio of the entire Sun City Resort including the 4 Hotels, Vacation Club, Gaming, Entertainment, Valley of Waves, Entertainment Centre, Sports and Recreation and all Support Departments.

In addition, his former titles include: Project Accountant, Regional Financial Manager and Director of Operations amongst others.

He is also a Board member of South African Tourism and the chairperson of the Tourism Grading Council, the authority on quality tourism products in South Africa.