CAPE TOWN – The Tsogo Sun Group will have its own desalination plant in Cape Town.

COO Ravi Nadasen says the plant will operate from on 26 February and they are planning to test the water in the first week of March.

He says they are hoping to get off the grid and in so doing, help the city reach its consumption target of 450 million litres per day.

The desalination plant will be situated at the Westin Hotel at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

Nadasen says the plant will provide water to the Westin, The Cullinan and the Southern Sun Waterfront, three of its major hotels.

“Currently the Westin basement goes down six floors and right at the bottom is currently sea water that we pump out every day. And what we’ve done is, which makes sense is to put the desalination point in that area to desalinate that water.”

Nadasen adds the multi-million investment includes other water projects and the group will announce the estimated costs at a later stage.