Yours truly, aka. The SilverFox – had the privilege of hosting the open food theatre at the event on Sunday. My guests included the incomparable Sarah Graham from Sarah Graham’s food safaris. The intriguingly named Eric Bullpit from La Motte and many up and coming chefs from Time Square.

What fun we had, lots of interest from an audience of Pretoria foodies and plenty of fine laughs and usual food innuendo – I find it hard to control my English schoolboy humour.

Sadly I didn’t get to meet the Aussi Masterchef fellas, but I believe they were most entertaining. There were over 8,000 people attending on Saturday. Enjoying a mirriad of food trucks, gin bars, oh, I meant to say, I had one of the best cannolis ever. Made by the grandchild of a beloved Nonna from Palermo. Chocolates, coffee, vodka, butchers, Spanish sausage, Italian sausage. I love sausage incidentally. Hosting was such a privilege. This event will be the premier food vent in SA. Well done team Sun International. Stephen


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