Cosatu, will hold a national congress next week to firm up policy positions ahead of the 2019 elections.

Here are a list of their demands of government. Before you read on may I ask if you can apply your mind as to the following questions

Are these decisions good for business?

Would you entertain any discussion on these items with a trades union?

A ban on new private hospitals.

Forced investment of retirement funds in state-owned enterprises.

50% taxes for companies and deceased estates.

Bans on labour brokers – and any form of outsourcing.

Interest-free loans for women and co-operatives.

Limits on foreign companies, including the repatriation of capital.


If you agree with me, that these demands are unworkable and detrimental to South Africa. Why are some companies still listening to a trades union opinion on Labour brokers and Temporary Employment services? Why are they entertaining demands that limit flexibility for business and will lead to unemployment? Why are companies not interpreting the new laws surrounding Temporary employment services without due diligence? Why are companies listening to Trades Union rhetoric on the subject of TES when they would NEVER entertain other demands, such as the above?

Please read the correct interpretation of the ConCourt ruling on temporary employment below, be informed




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