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A hotel in East London in the Eastern Cape has added a fresh twist to its marketing campaign, making use of political party posters in an attempt to lure guests

Highgate Hotel, situated in the suburb of Cambridge, used posters that resembled those belonging to political parties.

The clever trick was shared by Twitter user Zwanga Mukhuthu.

Using the blue of the DA, the words Democratic Alliance were replaced with “Daily Accommodation” and the slogan “Enough Room For All”.

The ANC colours of yellow, black and green were used on another poster. On it, ANC stands for “Accommodation Ne Conference” alongside the words “Let’s go to Highgate Hotel together”. The ANC’s actual election poster reads: “Let’s grow South Africa together”.

Hotel manager David Ellis was quoted in The Citizen: “It was something we did internally with our motivated team of staff. In fact, it was the brainchild of one of the directors of the hotel, named John Kairuz.”

He told the publication that he had consulted the DA and EFF and they found the campaign “amusing”.

(Image source: Highgate Hotel)
(Image source: Highgate Hotel)

Also featured in the accommodation posters for the hotel were the EFF and the Freedom Front Plus. A burger is the central attraction in the ad that bears similarities to the EFF’s posters, and it is accompanied by the slogan: “Fresh from the soil”. A red beret on the top bun completes the image. The acronym EFF stands for “Everyone’s Favourite Food”.

(Image source: Highgate Hotel)
(Image source: Highgate Hotel)

And what about the “Slaan Terug” (Hit back) slogan on Freedom Front Plus posters? Not so at Highgate Hotel. There, they advise passersby to rather “Slaan Brakes” (Hit the brakes) and make use of their “Venue and Functions” while at the hotel.

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