Ten Reasons why you didn’t get the job

By Stephen Hickmore – I hear the disappointment in a candidate’s voice when I tell them they didn’t  get the job. The down side of being a recruiter is delivering the bad news. It’s understandable that negative information hurts and it’s natural to feel rejected, but the important thing is to learn from the disappointment and become a better job applicant. A mature approach to rejection is good for your career. A chance to fix the elements that you got wrong.

Why teaching accounting in hotel school is a waste of time

This article from www.ehotelier.com resonated with me this morning

David Lund is The Hotel Financial Coach  – I have a dream. My dream is that the numbers – the numbers that so many managers agonize over in our industry – are just as accessible as guest service and employee engagement. Let me put this another way for more clarity: I want you and the other leaders and managers in your hotel to be just as comfortable dealing with the numbers as you are dealing with guests and colleagues.

The Struggle for Skills

The hospitality industry has always been a demanding industry to work in. What with the unsociable hours and the demands of discerning and sometimes difficult guests. It’s hard enough to find skills let alone people who can make a unique contribution to the hotel, restaurant, lodge or conference centre. Stephen Hickmore spoke to industry leaders at Tourism Indaba Durban

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