“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson.

A boxing lesson for Cyril Ramaphosa

I guess you have been preparing for this moment Cyril? We have seen your random jabs, hooks, and uppercuts, though not quite enough to knock out your opponents. I think your challengers underestimate you. Like a boxer, perhaps you have been spending your time preparing mentally, training hard and building a plan for the fight ahead of you. However, as Mike Tyson observed, that plan can change significantly once the first punches are landed. You will need agility and the toughness to take the hits. Be resilient, that’s how Champions are made.

Beware Cyril, there will be times when you think your game plan is working and Wham ! you are on the canvas. Don’t freak out, take the count, breath and get up before your 10 seconds are up.

Fight Back, That’s life, and that’s leadership.

You may think you are alone in the ring. Boxers need a great team of seconds trainers, and supporters. You need to trust their advice, listen to them they will fix your cuts and mop your brow, but choose them well.

Like Ali, have patience, wear your opponents down. But, when you see a gap unleash that right hook with power, accuracy and assurance. Keep your integrity, stay humble and stay in touch with the people that support you. You are fighting for them.

Only then you can win.

Good Luck Champ and remember Madiba was a boxer

By Stephen Hickmore