Career Change services and Mentorship

Career change services – help you get the job you want.

Career change ? In this highly competitive jobs market; how can I stand out from the competition?

Hickmore Recruitment has added some extra services to it’s portfolio. We have pleasure in offering you the following products to help you with career change and to help you find the job you want:

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CV Design

A CV that gets you to the top of the pile with the Latest designs.



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Video CV

In Europe and the States a video CV is a must if you are looking to attract the attention of prospective employers. So, you have to try it. They really work.



3 one-hour mentorship sessions

3 mentorship and career mapping sessions with Stephen for the price of 2.

*Great for interview preparation

*workplace advice

*starting a small business?

*How to build an effective network



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Social media audit and report

Ever wondered what impression you are making on social media? Employers use this as a recruitment tool these days. You should consider a full social media audit and report. This report will let you know the truth about your public footprint. The good news; we can help you fix this.



Why career mapping and mentorship works.

Consulting with a specialist career manager / mentor over a series of meetings, can make a significant contribution in achievement of your career goals.

Here are the main benefits of having Stephen Hickmore in your corner: 

  • I will give you a better understanding of yourself from a career and work perspective.
  • I will help you identify the right role and employer profile so you will thrive.
  • I help you focus on the next stage of your career
  • I will provide you with an unbiased external perspective. 
  • I will help you implement a successful job search program.
  • I can help you settle into a new role quickly after a career break.
  • I will teach you how to market yourself and your skills effectively.
  • I will help you gain confidence through interview preparation sessions.
  • I will help you stay positive during a break in employment. 

Typical outcomes of successful career mentorship include:

  • A higher salary package, which may not have been your priority.
  • Successful business start-up.
  • Development of a ‘stand-out’ social media strategy.
  • Achieving further career development within your current organisation.
  • Improved relationships with your colleagues and bosses. 
  • Reduction of stress and improved home life.
  • A clear and defined pathway.


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