SoBar. Why I’ve started an alcohol free bar

So-Bar is everything you would expect from a sophisticated Mobile Bar. Great Cocktails,  bubbles, beer and gin bar. The only difference is it serves No alcohol.

So-Bar is for the ‘mindful drinker’, the ‘Teetotaler’ and the ‘Sober Curious’ alike. Your guests may not want to overdo it and switch during the event. They may be driving, they may be trying to impress a date or a boss and don’t want to say anything dumb ! They may be trying dry month or a dry lifetime. Or they may be one of the 57% of people living in Africa who don’t drink alcohol.

Don’t you find that whenever you choose to go to a function or event and skip drinking, even for one night, it’s quite uncomfortable? The bars want you to drink. The bartenders want you to drink. Your mates want you to drink. So it’s hard to say no especially when the alternatives are not at all inspiring.

This is why the world needs booze free bars like So-Bar

Alcohol is the default position for socialising in South Africa, especially Jozi, and everything and everybody at a party is trying to push you into drinking.

So-Bar gives your ‘mindful drinker’ guests the licence to have fun but without the bad effects of  booze and the hangover the next day. Oh, and the drinks are delicious. Great beers, health shooters like out Carrot, ginger shooter topped with anise infused coconut cream. Lovely cocktails and an incredible gin bar. Yes ! There is such a thing as non-alcohol gin and you gotta try it ! Ginifer Sober is a Jozi made product you will love. Oh and sparkling wine, and great vibey RockStar barstaff from HSC.

No hangover, less empty calories. More endorphins from laughing and connecting with people. More energy the next day. And, you will remember your fun.

Why shouldn’t we have events where the non-drinkers’ experience is the star, not the side-dish?

Why don’t party planners spoil people who don’t want a boozy night, are teetotal by choice or by religion, have a triathlon the next morning, are pregnant, driving or just fancy a different drink? Why not have a SoBar as an alternative to a booze bar or have them both? (SoBar only provide the zero alcohol variety of bar) We recon at least 25% of people at your event don’t want to drink! And, a lime and soda, coke or appletizer ain’t gonna get them excited and in the party spirit.

‘Party Like there is a Tomorrow’

That’s why I’m  aflutter about offering a product and service where people are into the idea of not drinking, or at least keen to try it. From experience, I’ve found not drinking to be surprisingly underrated.

CLICK HERE (for pictures of our So-Bar functions)

I am  inspired by a project in New York City call ‘Listen Bar’ owned by Loreli Bandrovschi, visit them at website click here. They are super cool. I hope Loreli doesn’t mind that I borrowed some of her, well written, words?



If you interested in hiring a So-Bar experience please e mail us