By Stephen Hickmore – We all know that Chefs live for their job and it’s hard to switch off. Here is a bit of fun for a Wednesday. The Top Ten things that Chefs do or say when not at work



1.  Tell the kids to do their “mis en place” when you meant homework

2.  Eye the family cat  and wonder, strangely, if it could  be matched successfully with a Shiraz or Merlot

3.  Call the hungry family dog “Escoffier”

4.  Absentmindedly Pitch at gym for a yoga class in your shorts and chefs jacket

5.  Say ” Yes, Chef” when your wife asks you to hang a picture

6.  Shout ” more seasoning you moron!” at the cooking channel the same way you shout ” forward pass you idiot!” at Supersport

7.  Stop at the KFC drive through shouting “attention! On order ! One rounder, side of fries, chocolate milk shake Ce March!!

8.  Ask your barber to ” reduce by half and refresh ” instead of ” a short back and sides and wash”

9.  Ask the petrol attendant if the 93 unleaded is organic and sustainable

10.  Swear that your car isn’t switched on when the temperature gauge shows 23 c

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