Why study a Bachelor of Hospitality? A Bachelor of Hospitality equips you to join a rapidly changing world of work by developing essential job skills that will furthermore meet future demands in diverse industries.

Hospitality is one of the most resilient, adaptable, and forward-thinking businesses there is. Additionally innovation is a constant requirement to meet the changing demands of consumers. The more travel and tourism changes, the more opportunities arise for new types of hospitality careers.  It is one of the most dynamic of career choices. A Bachelor of Hospitality is the key.

What you see as a guest in a hotel, restaurant, resort or on a cruise ship is the front of house impression, a practiced production. The complex nature of managing and leading a hospitality business goes far beyond the great service, the excellent food, the stylish design, and also a smiling welcome. It takes a modern business education and the learning of state-of-the-art business skills.

Culture of Service Excellence

All business requires this to be successful. Therefore, we at SHS, believe that service excellence is the golden thread that helps tie together our students career success. To innovate, to solve problems, to lead a team and to ensure a tip top product; Service excellence is a core value.

Problem Solving

The Swiss Hotel School is, indeed, all about immersive learning in hospitality environments. Our students learn how to solve complex business problems through real life business projects and simulations. Subject leaders include Dr Cameron Martin, Academic Dean of SHS.


Students learn to work together throughout their studies. They learn to be part of a team, as both leader and member, and to instill a collaborative spirit. In fact, our language experts in French and German contribute to effective communication skills.

Developing Leadership

SHS students learn to become leaders through their group projects and internships. With each experience, they receive feedback and strive for better results, subsequently gaining confidence along the way.

As future leaders in hospitality and related industries, SHS graduates demonstrate leadership, team spirit, and can communicate effectively using emotional intelligence. Subject experts include Lorette Theron, Industrial Psychologist and Lebohang Dibate, education specialist.


For future success, a hospitality business is dependent on innovation.  According to a study by Stanford University innovation has been responsible for up to 85% of all economic growth. Research projects are led by Dr Nyasha Mugadza, Doctor of Business Administration.

Practical skills

In line with Swiss Hotel School tradition. When studying a Bachelor of Hospitality, it’s an imperative to gain a hands-on understanding of a subject and how the theory one learns applies to real-life situations. Practical learning allows SHS students to absorb quick adaptations needed for daily challenges and scenarios. This, in turn, leads to a better appreciation of the world of hospitality. Subject experts include Chef Chad Humby and Kuno Tschumi SHS principal.

Lastly; SHS students are thinkers. They are educated in Service Excellence and Swiss Hospitality Tradition delivered with South African Energy.

Some resources were referenced in the writing of this article from EHL (Best Hotel School in the World)


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