Stephen’s Advice to young Chefs

Ever had that moment? – You stand in front of your parents preparing to break the news of how you intend to spend the rest of your life.

They stare with nervous anticipation, you stammer and squirm

“Sit down son” booms your father

“Mom, Dad I have something to tell you” your eyes alternate from a spot on the floor to the expressionless faces of your parents

“I want to be a Chef!”

After having spent a fortune on your education and nurtured you through the Maths and Sciences, your parents may have the expectation that their darling son or daughter has what it takes to be an engineer, doctor, accountant or Lawyer. Most Parents have a fear of their kids taking on certain careers, like Circus performer, exotic dancer, tattoo artist or Chef.

But, take it from me, you have chosen one of the greatest of all professions

So, if you didn’t get the advice and support you deserved you won’t go far wrong if you follow my professional advice.

Three quick life skills for you:-

  1. After school keep up your sport and look after your body. You will need stamina for your future career
  2. Love your work, passion breeds success
  3. And never under any circumstances, even if the urge is really strong, dance to ABBA !

My professional advice to Chefs is more complex:-

  1. Choose a good Chef school and it does not have to be the most expensive
  2. Choose good mentors – be careful which chefs you associate with, take on the habits of successful people
  3. Take charge of your own training – don’t be spoon fed, ask lots of questions
  4. Enter competitions and get involved with SA Chefs Association
  5. Be Original, read and experiment and adapt your own style
  6. Keep your Ego in Check – Many good chefs fall down because their ego becomes more important than their work
  7. Don’t worry about money to start with. If you are good and you plan your career the bucks will come I promise.
  8. Train others and pass on your skill
  9. Do not pass on abusive practices in the kitchen. Be a good inspiration to people and not a tyrant. There is no excuse for abuse
  10. Resist the lure of Easy hours and easy work – No matter what industry you are in you need to put in the hours to get results. Get used to it.

But remember one thing and with this I guarantee you can go out into the world unhindered.

“Never under any circumstances, even if the urge is really strong, dance to ABBA!”

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