Why career mapping and mentorship works.

Consulting with a specialist career manager / mentor over a series of meetings, can make a significant contribution in achievement of your career goals.

The main benefits of having Stephen Hickmore on your team include:

  • Giving you an understanding of yourself from a career and work perspective
  • Helping identify the right role and employer profile that you will thrive in
  • Helping you become clear and focused about what is next in your career
  • Providing an external perspective on you and your ambitions
  • Help with implementing a successful job search program
  • Moving into a new role quickly after  a career break
  • Learning how to market yourself and your skills
  • Gaining confidence through interview preparation sessions

Typical outcomes of successful career mentorship include:

  • Moving into a desired new role quickly and more effectively
  • A higher salary package, which may not have been a priority
  • Starting your own business
  • Developing a social media strategy
  • Achieving further career development within your current organisation
  • Reduced stress and improved home life

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