Happy New Year from Stephen Hickmore

Traditionally I would publish a New Year message containing words of effusive optimism for the coming year; this year I am not. Please, I’m not being negative. I just believe that it’s OK to hope that 2021 is simply not too horrid.

No doubt about it, 2021 will be tough. The ‘fast evaporating’ sense of renewal that comes from the Christmas and New Year holidays makes way for a version 0.2 of 2020. So it’s head down and keep on swimming until we get the shot in the arm that will herald the end of COVID-19. Until then your best medicine and only choice is to keep positive, keep hope bubbling and remember the efforts that you put in now will eventually pay off.

We normally enter New Year with great expectations of a new start, new strategies, new promises to ourselves and a renewed vigor to be better than last year. Sadly, we enter a continuum of 2020. So crack on we must, work hard each day and be kind. Be kind to others who are struggling, be kind to your work colleagues, above all be kind to yourself.

‘Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it’ Charles Swindoll

Happy New Year for 2021


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